Creating Your Own E-Store

Looking for an easy way to provide custom apparel and gifts for your community, but have no idea where to start?  Here at TK Marketplace we provide you with a platform to sell custom apparel and accessories with no minimums, no timing constraints and free shipping. 

So how does it work? 

Fill out our from on the website.  Once we receive your submission a TK Marketplace team member will contact you via email.  From there, your TK Marketplace account rep will help design your apparel and gifts, create the e-store and send you mocks for approval.  After the final, your store will go live, and you will be given a custom link to send to your community so the purchasing can begin! You decide when you want your payout, it can be monthly, quarterly or early.  

How is TK Marketplace Different? 

TK Marketplace not only provides you with the platform to sell on-line to your community, but will guide you along the way.  Our team members will give you apparel and gift suggestions, help create your logo (if applicable) and will maintain the e-store's customer service as people purchase on-line.  All orders are shipped upon purchase so there is no more waiting to meet minimums, or closing out stores.  

Want to get started?  Contact the TK Marketplace team today!  

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