Knowing Your Audience is Important

With so many options for apparel and gifts, it can be overwhelming when choosing the right fit for an e-store. There is always a sweet spot between what you know the customer will want, and what the customer thinks they need. 

Real Life Example

One of the TK Marketplace clients was a gym owner and was unsure about adding sports bras and leggings on the site.  After a little discussion, and some design changes, we added both to the site to see what happened.  The response was beyond what we expected.  It only took one member to purchase the sports bra for it to then start a trend in the gym!  

TK Advice

Talk to your TK account manager, they can give you examples of what worked and what hasn't.  The best part of our services, you can add and remove items at any point in time with no cost to you.  Remember there are no minimums with our service so if in doubt let's try it out! 

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